Floating Solar Hot Tub Cover

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Solar Hot Tub covers help retain heat in your spa, up to 15 °F in areas with high solar exposure. The floating solar spa blanket reduces water evaporation, and keeps hot tub heat loss to a minimum. Our solar spa & hot tub covers are designed to preserve temperature of your spa or hot tub even when the air temperature around your spa drops.

Your Solar Spa Cover is Equipped with the following features:
  • Insulating thermal bubbles within the cover help to retain the heat in your spa
  • Chemical and UV resistant materials to extend the life of your solar spa cover
  • Versatile design can be used for portable spas and larger swim spas
  • Standard 8x8 construction can easily be cut and modified to fit many spa & hot tub shapes and sizes
Solar Hot Tub covers can also extend the life of your hard spa cover by reducing the moisture & chemical contact that spa covers are subjected to.

Due to various strap placements & orientation, we cannot guarantee your existing straps will line up perfectly with ours. We will provide you with all new hardware to attach your new safety strap.

If you require specific strap placement, please place the instructions in the "Additional Notes" box above or contact us at 813-649-8500 and someone will be happy to assist you with your order.

We are not responsible for incorrect measurements, please double check your measurements before proceeding! Please allow for +/- 1".

Please note: if your hot tub has raised control panels or control buttons, speakers, waterfalls, handrails, requires cut-outs, or has any feature that is unique to your unit, your cover will require a more custom design. Please use the custom order form to complete your order or call us at 813-649-8500.