Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Long Steam Stopper & Dual Wrap Vapor Seal?

The Long Steam Stopper is a padded pillow that extends the length of the underside of the fold to prevent heat loss.  The Dual Wrap Vapor Seal is a 8 mil plastic compared to the 4 mil plastic, that is wrapped and heat sealed around the foam to prevent water logging.

How long does it take to receive my new hot tub cover?

All of our covers are custom made in the USA.  It will take 14-21 business days from start to delivery for you to receive your cover.

How do I measure my hot tub for a cover?

Measuring can be confusing.  Here are some instructions to assist you with your measurements.  Click here

How do I measure a rounded corner (radius corner)?

If you have a rounded corner you will need a radius corner measurement.  Here is a template to use for easy measuring.  Click here

What should I do if my shipment is damaged?

The most important thing is – DO NOT ACCEPT THE DAMAGED DELIVERY!  It is extremely important that you reject the damaged shipment and notify us immediately.   Our covers are sent by freight.  If you reject the damaged shipment we will then send you another cover.  If you accept a damaged shipment you will have to file a claim with the freight company.

What if I measure incorrectly and my hot tub cover does not fit?

Our covers are custom made to your measurements.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS!  Please make sure that all your measurements are precise.  If you need assistance, please call one of our representatives.

What do I do if I do have the make & model of my hot tub?

If you have the make & model, send an email to, as we have many templates on file. You will be able to verify your measurements easier by supplying the make & model.

Is there free shipping?

Yes on all of our hot tub covers in the continental United States.  If you order a cover lifter or accessory with your cover you will also receive free shipping.